Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Nice to have you around!

Waterdrop! in my heat!

Waterdrop on my skin
Waterdrop on my wet and hot lips

Waterdrop dancing to my fire!

Waterdrop melting my desire!

I Do want .....

Waterdrop to my eye

Waterdrop to my heart

Waterdrop in my hand!

Waterdrop into my brain!

Waterdrop into my veins!


with my energy....

you be stronger!

Waterdrop on me

Waterdrop in me

My spiritual and physical fire

and the entire desire

Waterdrop I do embrace you!
Embrace you at least imaginary!

Waterdrop intact into my desert


I am so Greatful

.......we are connected!


I wish you could ask for me!
- before anything else!
even though just for that very imaginary!

I wish you could ask for me!
even though we are just virtuality!

- Sane!


But I am glad

Not mad!

- that I at least can enjoy!
Enjoy the poetry of your soul!

So I will take care of you ......

my waterdrop even in ........


The sane!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Ceasar of my dreams!

You make me happy all the time

all the time!

just by being around!

You do fill a lot of emptiness in me!

and you make me feel so special

bcz You are the Special!

Dear! all the things I feel twds you are so highdimensioned

so highdimensioned that I am just so confused!

So confused!

I am very sensitive

but usually not with this such intensity,

not with this such fire and such purity!

I see frwd to go away

just to calm down,

Just to calm down!


I do consider you as my Soulmate,

my best friend,

my biz partner,

my ..........

I hope you are .....

But no matter,

you are with me all the time,

with every breath,

every thought,

every heartbeat,

every nanoaction in me!


I just do miss You

Miss You so much!

So much!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


touched by your flame
touched by your passion
touched by your clearity
touched by your desires
touched by your energy
touched by your warmth
touched by your laugh
touched by your awareness
touched by your senses
touched by your intelligence
touched by your kindness
touched by your trust
this is why you are irresistable like a magnet of beauty
a universe of love and power
a person of positveness
a gift from the gods
a treasure to behold
I love you too .........