Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just a small reflection:

Nowadays I must keep reminding myself about the need of beeing humble twds the complexity in the human culture and nature and its effects on ............!
Nowadays I must remind myself about the need of beeing Humble twds my and others behaviours! How do I behave? How should I behave? The others....?

Usually I consider myself as a very well experienced individual but more and more often I just stop by realising that The "knowledge" (often "no-ledge") is as relative as other matters in our "daily lifes"!

Life is strange sometimes!
Life is strange many times!

Early in my life and due to the "destinated pathway" of it I always tend to do things differently and before I found myself quite comfortable with it!
I don´t know if I am now............

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wise words

Paulo Coelho:

"live your Personal Legend, pay the price of your dreams, read the omens, awaken your feminine side, and dare to be different.

.......... there are some battles that kill you, and some that make you stronger. For me, it is the latter. I never see myself as a victim of circumstances, but as an adventurer who must, from time to time, cross troubled waters."

- to .... or not to..... that is the question!

Free Your Soul

Take a good look around
Your desire for freedom is unbound

No one can put you under control
You are a woman with a free soul

Get out of your misery
Follow your instinct to discovery

Your whole life is ahead
Why should you be afraid

Grab the bull by the horns
Don't worry if at first it burns

Follow your instinct
Or you'd become extinct

Your love for material and fame
Is the one to blame

You can make a great thinker
If you forget about getting richer

Let go of greed
Think about getting freed

Make no compromise
When it comes to your demise

Make love your priority
For as long as it doesn't threaten your liberty

Help every living soul
For as long as losing freedom is not the rule

Your freedom is precious
For as long as you are not vicious

When you finally realize that everyone you meet is entitled to the same treat

Your life would have reached its utopian deed
And you will finally be freed

© 1996 Khalid Elfellah

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Secret Language of Men

The Secret Language of Men
David Zinczenko

The numbers say it all: In studies, women speak an average of 20,000 words a day. Men speak an average of 7,000. And we waste a lot of those words on meaningless chitchat with cabbies, talking sports with coworkers, and making small talk with the IT guy in the men's room.
"Cold out there, ay?"
"Sure is."
"Have a good one."
"Later, dude."
While it's clear that women are the talkers of most relationships (only 29 percent of men admit doing more), this doesn't mean men always have their own mute buttons pressed. Even men of few words communicate a great deal; we just speak more code than a CIA operative. Though our common comments can seem superficial, there's plenty of hidden meaning behind what men do talk about. Here, some translations ...

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Q In sane

Q-sanity: Emi Grant (Alias)

According to a popular wisdom it is only nuances that separate geniality from sanity and it is further said that many of the greatest historical geniuses were as crazy as they were genius.

Creativity is the rescue however since it is an interplay between intelligence and the brain’s degree of chaos and it is further said that there must be high intelligence to keep order in the “thought-swarm” to avoid the Chaos and we can, all of us, be placed somewhere between our inhibitions and our creative capacity!

- Accordingly it is up to everyone of us to allow itself to experiment in a positive spirit!

I am So Sorry

I am so sorry, so sad!
I never wanted to hurt U! - No!

I am so sorry, so sad!
I never wanted to make U angry or discomfortable! - No!

What have I done to diserve such hard punishement?

What have I done to diserve such hard judgment?

My intention was and still is:

a good one!
- but does it matter? Does it help?
- I suppose Not!

I am so sorry and so sad!
And I really didn´t want to Hurt U!

This seems to be my destiny!
-Ok! I will go for it!

You might be very stubborn, and I am extremely patient....

- So I will keep fighting for U!

Do miss U!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just a small reflection.......

The English author and philosopher Aldous Huxley said at the end of his life: It is a bit embarrassing to have dedicated your whole life to the human dilemma just to realise at the end that you don´t have anything else to offer in advise except: "try to be a bit kinder/ nicer”. So simple – and so difficult – it is!

So: Kindness and gentleness must be the best and greatest thing that we can offer the world around us!

"The price of Greatness is Responsibility."


Friday, January 26, 2007

art of ............

I was born next to a pond. A fragile leaf from a strong tree, I blossomed to a tall branch. Too ambitious for my pond and too rebellious to stay in my tree, I decided to change my destiny and break free.


from: the art of words By D R. Temsamani

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Peace, plz

Peace in my mind: Emi Grant (alias)

I started to miss you though and yet before we had met!

- or did we maybe already meet some other time/ some other dimension?

You could have been my Nirvana but instead you turned out to be my "Dead"……….

I do realise now that If I got more involved with you than I did and am! Well then I don’t know if I could have managed your way to act and react when things turn out a way you don’t like or accept!

I was ready to leave my place to be near you, if not with you!, but have you ever been ready to sacrifice anything for anyone else than yourself?!

…… You see my friend though you dislike me as such one, If I keep going on this track then I do have a huge problem and have to reconsider everything, my situation/ my life/ my person and so on……….

Somehow It is sad when I know that it could have been something really special, between us, really fine, for us, if you just weren’t in such a paniking hurry!

Anyway: let us try to “meet” (in one or an other way) again compromising half way each and see what could have happened! Meet more open-minded and free from any expectations……….


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An honour to u!

Hi! U over there, u somewhere, u anywhere!

Primo: U got to know and understand that I have been doing hard work to keep my senses on Earth! I have already said that and I do say it again! And again!
Clearly and honestly!

... my heart is still palpitating, and again and again I declare that I do hope I could stop what I am doing now!

I do wonder sometimes how an innocent coincidence can get u one or an other place as the one where I am now!
Though I must say that it is amazing/ scaring and I admit even a bit wonderful too, to live in a fantasy even for a twinkling of an eye!

- what is there to say or to do when u meet someone who is capable to make u feel or act as a bit lost, a bit confused, a bit crazy, also a bit ticklish! or even "act like a devil"?

- What is expected from one and an other when expectations are not as clear as u want!?

Where are you soul mates, fellow beings or someone like that? What is to do?! Please just tell me, anyone!?

I am curious by nature and beside my curiosity I cared 4 u! and cared quite much to not spoil any opportunity! To meet u!

During these last days there has been happening something that maid me feel like a teen at the 19:s though I must consider that it is decades! ago!

Sometimes I cannot resist to go on wondering how an innocent coincidence can get u one or an other place as the one I am now!

- But! If conditions were otherwise you could be the soul I would move to the moon for!

With my best regards!