Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Free Your Soul

Take a good look around
Your desire for freedom is unbound

No one can put you under control
You are a woman with a free soul

Get out of your misery
Follow your instinct to discovery

Your whole life is ahead
Why should you be afraid

Grab the bull by the horns
Don't worry if at first it burns

Follow your instinct
Or you'd become extinct

Your love for material and fame
Is the one to blame

You can make a great thinker
If you forget about getting richer

Let go of greed
Think about getting freed

Make no compromise
When it comes to your demise

Make love your priority
For as long as it doesn't threaten your liberty

Help every living soul
For as long as losing freedom is not the rule

Your freedom is precious
For as long as you are not vicious

When you finally realize that everyone you meet is entitled to the same treat

Your life would have reached its utopian deed
And you will finally be freed

© 1996 Khalid Elfellah

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