Thursday, January 25, 2007

Peace, plz

Peace in my mind: Emi Grant (alias)

I started to miss you though and yet before we had met!

- or did we maybe already meet some other time/ some other dimension?

You could have been my Nirvana but instead you turned out to be my "Dead"……….

I do realise now that If I got more involved with you than I did and am! Well then I don’t know if I could have managed your way to act and react when things turn out a way you don’t like or accept!

I was ready to leave my place to be near you, if not with you!, but have you ever been ready to sacrifice anything for anyone else than yourself?!

…… You see my friend though you dislike me as such one, If I keep going on this track then I do have a huge problem and have to reconsider everything, my situation/ my life/ my person and so on……….

Somehow It is sad when I know that it could have been something really special, between us, really fine, for us, if you just weren’t in such a paniking hurry!

Anyway: let us try to “meet” (in one or an other way) again compromising half way each and see what could have happened! Meet more open-minded and free from any expectations……….


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