Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An honour to u!

Hi! U over there, u somewhere, u anywhere!

Primo: U got to know and understand that I have been doing hard work to keep my senses on Earth! I have already said that and I do say it again! And again!
Clearly and honestly!

... my heart is still palpitating, and again and again I declare that I do hope I could stop what I am doing now!

I do wonder sometimes how an innocent coincidence can get u one or an other place as the one where I am now!
Though I must say that it is amazing/ scaring and I admit even a bit wonderful too, to live in a fantasy even for a twinkling of an eye!

- what is there to say or to do when u meet someone who is capable to make u feel or act as a bit lost, a bit confused, a bit crazy, also a bit ticklish! or even "act like a devil"?

- What is expected from one and an other when expectations are not as clear as u want!?

Where are you soul mates, fellow beings or someone like that? What is to do?! Please just tell me, anyone!?

I am curious by nature and beside my curiosity I cared 4 u! and cared quite much to not spoil any opportunity! To meet u!

During these last days there has been happening something that maid me feel like a teen at the 19:s though I must consider that it is decades! ago!

Sometimes I cannot resist to go on wondering how an innocent coincidence can get u one or an other place as the one I am now!

- But! If conditions were otherwise you could be the soul I would move to the moon for!

With my best regards!

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